Champions for Change

We believe in giving back. This year, we are working on donation campaigns for Kansas Humane Society, Lawrence Humane Society and KC Pet Project.

Lucky Dan is an ardent supporter of the University of Kansas and also supports all things that epitomize a Jayhawker. He has graciously accepted our nomination to make him one of our celebrity figures as we work to raise money for charities we believe in. In 2021, our focus will be on donating 100% of all funds received to the Kansas Humane Society.

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So what is a Jayhawker, anyway?

jay·​hawk·​er | ˈjā-ˌhȯ-kər

Definition of jayhawker

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1 capitalized a native or resident of Kansas used as a nickname
2a often capitalized a member of a band of antislavery guerrillas in Kansas and Missouri before and during the American Civil War
b bandit

First Known Use of jayhawker: 1858

To us, a Jayhawker represents independent thought, courage, strength, resilience, compassion and a willingness to champion causes that benefit the greater good.

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